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Nook Coworking and event space. Weekend Warriors



by nook

At Nook, we understand that a change of scenery, especially one that pulses with creativity and camaraderie, can transform an ordinary Tuesday into your most productive day of the week. That’s why we’re introducing an exclusive offer: Nook Coworking Community Membership, a passport to productivity, networking, and inspiration, all housed within our vibrant work club and ecosystem for creative entrepreneurs.



Your Coworking Community membership unlocks access to our spaces every Tuesday, offering the perfect backdrop for creativity and productivity.


Optional workshops, networking sessions, and events designed to spark inspiration and engagement. From expert-led masterclasses to collaborative sessions with fellow members, your Tuesdays are set to be extraordinary. Lunch is complimentary at Lunch + Learns!

Coworking Community Weekend Warriors Membership


Benefit from the expertise of our resident professionals in marketing, systems automation, and more, available every Tuesday to help elevate your projects.


Get priority access to our Play Ground incubator sessions on Tuesdays, offering a platform to pitch ideas, brainstorm, and find support among pioneers and innovators.


Situated at the gateway to ‘Food Street,’ your Tuesdays are also an opportunity for culinary exploration, with special discounts at local eateries exclusively for Nook members.

  • What is a Coworking Space?
    Coworking space refers to a shared workspace where individuals from different professions or organizations work independently or collaboratively in a communal environment. This type of workspace is designed for freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, and small business owners who require a flexible and affordable workspace. Coworking spaces provide a professional setting with amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi, printers, conference rooms, and kitchen areas. Additionally, coworking spaces offer a sense of community and networking opportunities, which can be beneficial for individuals who work independently. Many coworking spaces also organize events, workshops, and seminars to enhance the productivity and creativity of their members.
  • How can I get the most out of my Membership?
    First, take the time to introduce yourself to other members and build relationships. At Nook, networking is one of the biggest benefits of coworking, and you never know who you might meet. Second, take advantage of the amenities offered by Nook. This includes early/discounted access to events, access to rooms and studios and much more! Third, attend events and workshops hosted by Nook. These events can help you learn new skills, meet other members, and get the most out of your membership. Finally, be sure to communicate with the Nook staff if you have any questions or concerns. They are there to help you have the best possible experience, and they can often provide valuable advice and support.
  • How much are the memberships?
    Nook currently offers a few memberships as well as private offices for rent. More information about plans and pricing here:
  • Can I customize my membership?
    YES! We have a variety of memberships which are fully customizable. Check them out here - Membership Plans - Nook If you would prefer more studio time and less private office use, just let us know! We can create the perfect plan for you.
  • Can I rent a private office and what are the rates?
    Yes! Our private offices are available on a daily/hourly rate at $20/hr for members and $30/hr for non-members. Long-term licensing start as low as $10 per sq foot (*based on larger spaces and 1 year terms). Most of our offices are 70-100sq. feet, and can accommodate 2-3 people comfortably. ‘Virtual Office’ services are included.
  • What is a Virtual Office?
    A virtual office is a service that allows individuals or businesses to have a physical mailing address, and other office services without actually having a physical office space. This means that you can have a business presence within Nook without having to rent office space or hire staff. For Nook, we offer a range of services such as mail collecting and storage, and meeting room facilities.
  • Can I bring my pet or child?
    YES! Nook is completely family & pet friendly! You are welcome to bring your family members (both dogs* & and children) as long as they are supervised and not a disturbance to other guests. *Please register all dogs with Nook staff
  • What are Nook's operating hours
    Nook is open 24/7 for our members with an Entrepreneur Pass and is provided key access through an electronic key access system. Nook's public office hours is Monday to Friday from 9 am - 6 pm. During weeknights 6pm onwards and all day weekends, Nook's space is open to requests for event bookings
  • What other amenities are included in a Nook Membership?
    Before you walk in the door, Nook's convenient location provides our members with an amazing in a private building, right in the heart of ‘Food Street’ with over 70 restaurants as our close neighbors. Nook offer FREE parking or walking distance to Skytrain and public transit. Inside, our members enter a beautifully decorated, calm, neutral space where their creativity can shine. Members have access to our free Wi-Fi, coffee & tea, kitchenette with snacks, 2 levels with elevator (and stair) access, ample washrooms, an exclusive members-only lounge. During warmer seasons, members can also access our large heated patio featuring fire tables, and cushioned seating. Membership amenities also include hot desk or private office use, and access to our conference room, podcast studio, textiles lab, painting lab, or wellness pod, All members also receive discounted rates on our large presentation/special event space. For events hosted by Nook, members may even get a free ticket to the event!
  • What is the Archie App?
    Archie is the space managing platform which Nook uses for room and studio bookings, managing memberships, and for event space use requests
  • Does Archie have a mobile app?
    Yes. You can find their app in the iOS App Store and the android Play Store
  • How do I book a room?
    Members 1. Log in to Archie and select which space you would like to book. 2. Fill in all necessary information like date and time 3. Add a payment option 4. Hit Confirm reservation There you go! You're all set and will receive your email confirmation shortly. Non-members Click here to book a Private Offices Click here to book a Conference Room/Studio Click here to get a Day Pass for hot desk
  • Why is my Electronic Key not working?
    There are many reasons why a key is not working Your membership has expired Your access has been revoked There is an App update There is an issue with the App Your key was not set up properly on our end Please feel free to contact us at or call us at 604-285-0200
  • Who uses Archie?
    All Nook member will have access to the platform This allows you to: Access our space See and purchase tickets to our upcoming events (Discounted rate) Connect with the rest of the Nook Community

Why WEEkeNDS at Nook?

Meet Jessica Liang, founder of Nook work club. Coworking and Event Space

Presented by Jessica Liang, Founder at Nook

A creative entrepreneur with a lean startup background, Jessica is dedicated to creating a welcoming space to ideate and iterate with good company. Launch or expand on your project alongside a diverse community of doers and dreamers!

 Mike Nesselbeck, BC

"Love this co-working and event space in Richmond! The main co-working space is kept very clean, has awesome amenities, and a beautiful ambiance. A great place to collaborate with others or get some focus time in.

The offices you can rent/book are also beautiful large space. Great for client meetings or quiet work time. Nook even has a podcast studio!"

MJ Dewji, BC

"WOW! Honestly that is my reaction every time I come to this place. I've worked here in the hot desk area, the private offices, and also have been fortunate to utilize this space for a networking event I host called Chai 'n Chat.



I could not be happier to not only work, host events, but also to be part of the amazing entrepreneur community here at Nook. Highly recommend anyone to check the space out!"

Mimi Vong, BC

"This coworking space is not your typical place. They truly embrace the concept of community. All the team members are super friendly and helpful!"

Get to Know Us

Embark on a journey of productivity and belonging. Nook isn’t just a space; it’s a community, a hub of creativity, and a place where weekends are full of accountability and mentorship. With limited memberships available, we invite you to seize this opportunity to redefine your workweek.

Commitment: $149/Month

Ready to transform your weekends? Contact us to learn more about the Weekend Warriors Membership and become part of something truly special.

If you’d like more information about our features, chat today!

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