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Black Headphones


Looking for a space to record your next podcast?
Try Nook's Podcasting studio

Rodecaster Pro II mixer and Rode headset

What We Offer

Studio Only

Starting at $50/hr

Looking for a unique space to record your next podcast? Record in our podcast studio  

*Bring your own equipment*

Audio + Visual

Starting at $80/hr

For video and audio recordings, Nook provide a Lumina 4K AI camera alongside our RØDE Podmics for your session

Audio Only

Starting at $60/hr

For audio recordings, utilize our RØDE Podmics or Wireless Go II for higher quality audio 

Editing Services

Our friend and partner Jake Aller has kindly agreed to provide professional Audio and Video editing services for fellow Nookies!

Our Equipment

A dynamic microphone designed for podcasters. It has a rich, balanced sound and a tight cardioid polar pattern that helps to reduce background noise. The PodMic is built to last, with a solid construction and a durable matte black finish. It also features an internal pop filter to minimize plosives and a built-in shock mount to reduce vibrations.

A high-quality camera that delivers crystal-clear video and audio for all your video conferencing needs. With its advanced AI technology, it automatically adjusts to your lighting conditions and optimizes your image for the best possible quality. Whether you're working from home or connecting with friends and family, the Lumina 4k AI Webcam is the perfect choice for a professional and seamless video experience.

A high-quality audio mixer designed for podcasters and content creators. It features four high-quality microphone inputs, eight sound pads for playing jingles and sound effects, and a range of advanced audio processing features. With its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities, the Rodecaster Pro 2 is the perfect tool for anyone looking to create-quality audio content.

A user-friendly and reliable tool for podcasters of all levels. With high-quality audio and video capabilities, our platform allows for seamless remote recording and editing. Our team of experts is available to provide technical support and guidance throughout the entire process, ensuring that your podcast sounds its best.

Ready to record your first podcast at Nook?

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