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Member Spotlight: Arpi Sylvester

Agency Director of Hello Search Marketing, SEO Specialist, Fractional CMO

Welcome to our Member Spotlight, where we highlight the incredible individuals that make our community thrive. This month, we would love to introduce you to Arpi, our Resident SEO and Marketing specialist.

We've had the pleasure of hearing her story and getting to know the person behind the brand. She shares her achievements, challenges and learnings with us. Let's dive into her story!

My Work

I run Hello Search Marketing, a marketing + sales agency offering fractional CMO services focusing on three key services to help businesses thrive without the headache of handling everything themselves.

Agency Services: We handle the full spectrum of marketing so you don’t have to. This includes everything from planning and researching to engaging with your audience directly. This way, you can simply focus on your business, save time, and enjoy predictable sales each month.

Programs and Masterminds: We offer training that empowers you with the skills to escape the rut of not knowing what to post. Our programs provide a clear, year-long content strategy aligned with your goals, so you never have to pause or procrastinate. You get a blueprint that guides you on what to do and when, helping you turn plans into action.

Fractional CMO Services: This is for those at a pivotal growth stage needing strategic guidance and operational marketing support. We step in to help you focus on the big picture, offering expert advice, and innovative strategies to ensure your marketing drives substantial business growth.

Overall, we're here to lighten your load, creating strategies that lead to real results, enhance visibility, increase engagement, and drive consistent and sustainable growth. All you need to worry about is the creative part; we handle the rest.

Explore the sidebar on the left. You can add media to add color to your post. You can also change the cover image, optimize the SEO Settings, add categories or tags, and much more. Spend some time discovering each tab and learn how you can enhance your future posts.

My Journey

My career path has been an exciting adventure, full of pivotal moments. It started when I moved countries all by myself, figuring things out as I went—definitely a personal challenge, but I loved every bit of it!

Before relocating to Canada, I sold my international marketing agency to a private equity firm. Around the same time, I grew my YouTube channel to 36K subscribers and ran a podcast that peaked at 30K downloads a month. Now, I’m a consultant for major Fortune 500 companies, including big names like Google, Deloitte, Renault, and Subaru.

My background in engineering didn’t just get me through tough studies; it helped me understand algorithms and software, skills that are invaluable today in my consulting work. I've also travelled extensively, exploring over 30 states in the USA in just two years.

Through all this, I’ve run a successful international marketing agency, experienced the ups and downs of three failed businesses, and committed time to supporting victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking. Each experience has shaped me and how I approach my work and life in Canada, my new home.

My Passions

I’m absolutely passionate about everything marketing and sales. I thrive on growing companies and always dive deep into the big picture of a brand or business. Troubleshooting businesses lights me up—I use my engineering background to infuse data and analytical thinking into every marketing strategy.

Creativity and tech also get me excited; I love working with marketing automation and strategizing new approaches. There’s something thrilling about casting a vision and driving an idea from inception to execution. I relish challenging the status quo in marketing, disrupting norms, and crafting strategies that really stand out.

My goal is to help businesses shine with standout branding and effective marketing, merging sales psychology and buyer behavior. This involves defining sharp messaging, positioning businesses as experts, and, ultimately, driving their revenue. This is what excites me every day in my field!

My Inspiration

Throughout my career, I've been fortunate to have several mentors who've invested their time and energy into my development at various stages. I’m incredibly grateful for each of them—they’ve been instrumental in shaping my path and success in the industry.

My Challenges

One of my most challenging experiences was navigating the ups and downs of three failed businesses. Each setback was tough but taught me invaluable lessons about resilience and strategic thinking.

I've had to prove myself repeatedly, which was incredibly stressful and frustrating. Learning from these experiences, I refined my approach—ensuring clear contracts, setting precise expectations from the start, and always aiming to exceed what I promised.

Financial struggles were a significant hurdle, too. I learned to secure funding, manage debt, and make strategic investments to keep the business robust and growth-oriented. Hiring the right team, retaining key players, and fostering a dynamic work environment also became crucial to my strategy.

Staying competitive meant constantly adapting to market changes, innovating to differentiate my business, and relentlessly pursuing customer satisfaction to build loyalty.

Scaling up brought its own set of challenges—expanding operations, entering new markets, and ensuring consistent quality. My engineering background helped me strategize effectively, handling everything from brand development to international expansion, where I tackled cultural differences and regulatory hurdles.

Through all this, I also battled imposter syndrome, learning to trust my abilities and value my contributions. Each challenge was a stepping stone, preparing me for future successes and even planning an exit strategy for maximum impact.

These experiences not only honed my problem-solving skills but also cemented my resilience, making me the determined and strategic thinker I am today.


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My Skills

What sets me apart in my field? Well, it’s a blend of experience, focus, and a unique framework I’ve developed. I ran an international marketing agency for five years, working across various industries and business sizes—from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. This experience gives me a broad perspective and a deep understanding of different marketing landscapes.

I’m particularly good at troubleshooting marketing strategies that aren’t delivering results. My approach is hands-on; I take on only two clients each month, dedicating my full attention to getting their marketing foundations solid and their messaging spot-on.

I've created a unique framework for organic growth, called ORGANIC:

Outstanding Brand: I help define your brand and set it apart.

Rapid Visibility: I focus on making you omnipresent with discoverability content.

Groundbreaking Authority: I position you as an expert in your field.

Active on Socials: I determine the best platforms for engagement and outreach.

Non-Stop Conversions: I optimize interactions across comments, DMs, emails, and your website.

Impactful Nurturing: I use strategies from Instagram to blogging and email marketing.

Continually Measuring: I ensure efforts are tracked and optimized continuously.

As your marketing manager or CMO, I dive deep into your business, always with a sharp focus on sales. The content I produce, from copy to captions, is backed by sales psychology, prioritizing lead generation and quick revenue generation. That’s what makes my service unique—you’re not just gaining visibility, you’re building a business geared towards making money ASAP.

My Views

The marketing industry is rapidly embracing authenticity and cutting-edge tech. Over the next few years, I see more brands adopting a ‘founder-forward’ approach, where founders actively connect with customers and handle their own PR through platforms like Instagram and Facebook Messenger. This shift is about being genuine and accessible.

Simultaneously, generative AI will revolutionize customer support and sales, making interactions more personalized and efficient. As consumer trends evolve quickly, staying ahead means integrating these technologies seamlessly into marketing strategies.

In this evolving landscape, I see myself leading the charge. I'm focusing on mastering AI-driven tools and helping brands become their own media powerhouses. My goal is to drive innovation, ensuring marketing not only keeps up with but also anticipates consumer needs.

By staying at the forefront of these changes, I plan to shape how marketing is done, making it more interactive, responsive, and effective.

My Hobbies

I love to read and record + edit videos and my podcast. In the summer, I love to hike, camp and relax on the beach. I have yet to discover my winter hobbies.

My Goals

Looking ahead, I’m fully committed to scaling my marketing agency while continuing to provide top-tier support to entrepreneurs in marketing and sales. My focus is on harnessing cutting-edge technologies like generative AI to enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency. I'm also sharpening my skills in strategic planning and data analytics to keep pace with rapidly changing market trends.

To support our growth, I’m planning to expand our team with skilled professionals who share a vision for innovation and exceptional service. We're also deepening our engagement with the entrepreneurial community through targeted workshops and partnerships, ensuring we stay connected to the needs and challenges of our clients.

By prioritizing these areas, I aim to not only expand our agency's reach but also ensure that we remain at the forefront of marketing innovation, helping our clients achieve remarkable growth and success.

My Advice

Starting out in marketing? Here’s my advice: Focus on one thing. Become an expert in that area to build authority and get noticed fast.

Prioritize revenue-generating tasks. Don’t get hung up on your logo or website design right off the bat—focus on what brings in money.

And learn to sell effectively. It’s all about the right education and plenty of practice. Nail this, and you’ll set yourself up for success in the marketing world.

Want to connect with Arpi?

Arpi is a Nook resident specialist and supports members with SEO and search marketing.

You can connect further with her on her socials.


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